Register for VASP - License application

Name of Institution

The institution is the legal entity (juridical person) to which the research group belongs.

This is usually the university or a non-profit research institution, or in rare cases, a Faculty or Department (if these are legal entities). VASP license agreement needs to be signed by a person who is entitled to sign agreements on behalf of the Institution.

Research group
Research group
Head position
Head first name
Head last name
Institutional email address of the head of the research group
Organisatorial unit

The research group is a unit working at a single geographical location and headed by a single principle investigator (i.e. Professor).

Please give the name of the head of the group, his/her position at the research institution and the organisatorial unit (Department,..) at which it is located.

Full Visiting Address of the Office
Full visiting address of the office
Zip code

This is usually the full address of the office of the head of the research group. Please refrain from giving a PO box.

Contact is head of the research group
Contact first name
Contact last name
Contact email