Between Monday 4th of November and Friday 15th of November, all vasp related services are migrated to a new server. In future all services will be available at, including the “VASP SUPPORT FORUM” ( and the “VASP WIKI” (, as well as a new vasp user portal.

During the migration, some services will be possibly not working properly (posting in the forum might not be possible, downloads might become only operative towards the end of the migration).

To use the services on the new site (including download portal and the forum) every VASP user will be asked to perform a password restore. This password restore will be initiated by us sending an email from to all VASP users (PLEASE, carefully check that the sent out link leads to

In future, the download of the VASP software will be only possible from the new site, and the old site will go offline.

Concerning the VASP administration, there are some important issues that will change with the new portal. Most importantly, the principle contact of each license contract will be able to add and remove users that are allowed to work under a license. All registered users will be legitimated to access precompiled versions of VASP at HPC centers and post questions on the vasp user forum. Note, that only registered users are allowed to use VASP or any VASP related data sets.

If you have any questions concerning the migration, please contact us via after checking the FAQs (please do not use any other vasp related email addresses; cross posting is absolutely discouraged and will lead to delays). Please be considerate when posting questions to, as we can deal only with a few hundred questions per day and expect a rather high email volume during migration.