How can I purchase a VASP license?

Send an email to licensing@vasp.at: Give some basic information about your affiliation in your email, so we can send you the appropriate license agreement forms.

Important notice: Some companies are selling illegal copies of VASP!
VASP can only be acquired legally in two ways:

  1. Purchase a license directly from the VASP Software GmbH (send an email to licensing@vasp.at).
  2. Purchase a license from Materials Design Inc. or their official resellers.

All legal licenses hold a signature of Georg Kresse or Doris Vogtenhuber, or are covered by a license agreement from Materials Design.
All legal copies are centrally registered.

How can payment of the license fee be made?

Payment can be done by wire transfer (preferred) or by cheque. Credit Cards are not accepted by the VASP Software GmbH. All bank details are given in the invoice to the vasp license fee which is sent together with the re-signed license agreement.

Is there an annual fee to be paid?


VASP licenses are permanent licenses to the purchased software release and all minor upgrades to this release within the first three years after the license has been concluded. For any upgrades developed later, the license will have to be renewed.

To whom are VASP licenses given?

VASP licenses are given to well-defined research groups only. They are not department-or institution-wide, also they are not personal licenses. All members of a VASP-group have to work in the same organizational unit (Department, Institute) at the same location.

VASP-licenses are not transferable from one research institution to another one. Any transfer of a license to another group at the same research institution has to be approved by the VASP Software GmbH explicitly.

Please contact us at licensing@vasp.at for further information.

How can I get access to VASP?

Access to the download portal is given by sending the passwords to the account from which the software package can be downloaded. You are welcome to check for new sub-releases of the software from time to time, in order to make sure that you use the most up-to-date version.

When is access to the download portal given?

Access to the download portal is given after

  1. the properly completed and duly signed license agreement has been received. Two originals are required, one will be returned to you after it has been counter-signed by Prof. Georg KRESSE. Please send the documents to

    Prof. Dr. DI Georg KRESSE
    VASP Software GmbH
    Sensengasse 8/12
    1090 Vienna

    Additional advance copies in order to speed up the purchase process, sent by email to licensing@vasp.at are accepted, but DO NOT replace the originals of the contract.

  • after payment of the full license fee has been received by the VASP Software GmbH.
  • all colleagues who will use vasp under this particular license have been registered as VASP-users officially. If a colleague leaves the group, he/she has to stop using VASP immediately, unless he/she starts working in another group having a valid license. We request to be kept informed if a colleague leaves or joins the VASP-group.

The passwords are sent to ONE person per group (the group leader) without exception, and must mot be given to anyone else.

On how many computers may VASP be installed?

There is no restriction concerning the numbers of machines on which VASP can be installed under a particular license. It is the responsibility of the group leader that the copyright of the VASP Software GmbH is fully protected on each of these machines: Any kind of access to VASP must be restricted to those colleagues who are the authorized VASP users of this group.

Is VASP a public domain software package?


VASP is copyright-protected software. The copright owner and sole distributor worldwide is the VASP Software GmbH, having its place of business in Vienna, Austria, represented by Prof. Dr. Georg KRESSE. It is necessary to have an appropriate license to use VASP.