The VASP Manual

The VASP software is documented on the VASP Wiki.

In case you cannot access the VASP Wiki, you can refer to the retired Online VASP manual or its pdf copy. Beware, the latter two are no longer maintained and out-of-date.

VASP Workshop Lectures

In 2003 we organized a VASP workshop. The lecture notes and examples from the handson sessions are highly recommended as place to start if you are a beginner and might also be useful if you are not.

Introduction to Computational Materials
Introduction to DFT
Pseudopotentials I
Hands-on Session 1, Example Files
Pseudopotentials II
Sampling the Brillouin zone
Hands-on Session 2, Example Files
Ionic relaxation methods
Electronic relaxation methods
Computational Platforms
Hands-on Session 3, Example Files
Accuracy and Validation of results
Pseudopotential Data Base
DFT in depth
Unpaired electrons in DFT
Hands-on Session 4, Example Files

More recently the CSC-IT Center for Science Ltd. in Espoo, Finland, organized two VASP workshops (2006/2009). The lecture notes of those might interest you as well.

Basics, PAW, DFT, Hybrid functionals
Linear response, Dielectric properties, GW

Technical Support

You can post requests for technical support on the VASP-forum. Note that technical support is offered as a courtesy only, not as a contractual service.